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VEDUNYA Ltd. is the producer of foodstuffs and natural cosmetics based on Siberian cedar.

The word Vedunya came from the Slavic word vedat (to know) and vedunya meant not only a wise woman who knows a lot (especially about herbs, plants and nature) but who knows HOW, WHERE and WHEN  to apply her knowledge for the good of people. The mind is aware but the heart knows.

We have chosen such name for our Company by the following reasons:

Firstly, the founders of our Company (founded 5 years ago) are scientists-researchers, biologists practitioners that is to say experts.

Secondly, the most of our products are the result of successful combination of modern innovative technologies and folk traditions.

Scientists-biologists like old-time healers condensed ancient traditions of herbalists, up to date scientific progress, love of the outer world and of everyone and created the unique collection of balsams, syrups, oils and creams. Initially they created these products for themselves (to use in expeditions), for their families and friends (as they knew about their effectiveness). 

Thirdly, all the members of our team are women (casually).

All our potions are made from cedar greenery extract, gathered in spring, when the concentration of biologically active substances in plants is maximum, cedar resin, fir tree, pine; larch browse; medicinal herbs, flowers, roots, berries of Altay and Siberia; propolis and mummy.

All the forces of nature have joined in these wonderful products mutually complementing and intensifying each other. , they are ready to help you by giving you vital energy, healing, taste harmony and aroma singularity.

Good health and active longevity!