CEDAR resin intimate hygiene stick-creams

Doctor treats, nature heals.

For each therapeutic agent it is important to be applied in a proper time and in a proper place.  When we take tablet it is immediately exposed to a great number of digestive enzymes. Medicinal remedy is first in acidic medium and second in alkaline medium; it reacts with particles of food and then goes to the liver where it is also degraded. Consequently only 10-12% of the doze taken enters the blood. That is why «special purpose remedies» - stick-creams (suppositories) have been produced. The medicines manufactured in a form of suppositories are immediately absorbed in blood, passing the liver and the digestive tract and thus hit the target –the organ that needs care. Depending on location of the nidus of infection, inflammation, disease or injury the stick-cream is used vaginally and/or through rectum.

CEDAR stick-cream (suppository) is the remedy for care of mucous membrane of vagina and/or rectum having deodorizing, antiseptic, moisturizing, softening, anti-inflammatory effect. It helps to prevent irritation, inflammation of mucous membranes, supports their elasticity and functional activity.

Cedar and fir tree resins, extract of cedar greenery, plant oils which are in the composition of cedar resin give the stick-cream deodorizing and antiseptic effect, propolis and mummy give repairing, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect.  

Using CEDAR stick-creams you not only gently and effectively help you organism to be healthy but also improve your intimate relationship.