Cedar oil

Cedar oil for your health

The oil extracted from cedar nut kernels so called cedar oil is known in folk medicine as the remedy of great healing virtue.

As folk medicine observed cedar oil is effective in case of different burns and frostbites, it lowers cholesterol level and inhibits atherosclerosis progress, has general health-improving effect, assists suppression of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cedar oil adding to food is prescribed in case of alopecia, increased hair and nails fragility, for people living and working in uncongenial climate and difficult environment, engaged in the works demanding excessive waste of energy and connected with psychoemotional load and stresses.

Cedar oil is recommended to pregnant women for adequate embryogenesis, to nursing mothers for lactation improvement. Cedar oil is especially valued in folk medicine because when added to food it effects more adequate development of growing child organism. Being a natural foodstuff cedar oil has no contraindications for use as food additive and application in treatment and prophylaxis.

Using of CEDAR oil

It is a foodstuff added to salads, kashas and other dishes.