Vedunya syrup-balsam

Multi component healing VEDUNYA syrup-balsam will help you in case of: 

Decrease  in  immunity, depression, loss of strength;

CHILL, rhinitis, influenza, quinsy;

gastrointestinal  tract  PROBLEMS: intoxication, overeating;

TRAUMAS: accelerates wounds healing and synostosis.

VEDUNYA syrup-balsams line includes:

VEDUNYA syrup-balsam multipurpose

VEDUNYA syrup-balsam with propolis and mummy

VEDUNYA syrup-balsam with stevia and mummy

VEDUNYA syrup-balsams are produced based on many herbs, flowers, leaves, roots, berries of Siberia and Altai, propolis and mummy. The main components are: extract of spring cedar needles, licorice roots, sally-bloom herb, black chokeberry.

Multi component VEDUNYA syrup-balsams contain biologically active substances that gives them general health-improving effect. In case of regular use of such syrup-balsams blood composition improves, increases resistance of organism to viral and bacterial infections that helps to strengthen immunity and stabilization of nervous system.

Using of VEDUNYA syrup-balsam

Application: add 1 tea spoon to tea, water or other liquid 1-3 times a day when eating.

All forces of nature defend your health, youth and active longevity!