Cedar nutshell

Cedar nutshell is a unique source of carbohydrates, minerals and different organic matters. Chemical composition of cedar nutshell includes cellulose, oils and resins, proteins, essential oils, vitamins as well as coloring and tanning agents. All that provides its healing properties and multipurpose application.

Using of cedar nut shell

Application: cedar nut shell is used to prepare tinctures and decoctions.

Decoction: pour 2-3 table spoons of cedar nut shell in a glass of hot water and draw. Used per os in case of inflammation of mucous membrane of oral cavity, accumulation of salts, osteochondrosis. Favorably influences gastrointestinal tract, tonicizes.

Cedar nut shells are added to baths  in case of rheumatism, podagra, arthritis.

Tincture: 1,5 glass of cedar nut shell wash and add 0,5 liter of vodka, draw for 10 days in a dark warm place.

Application: 0,5-1 tablespoon 3 times a day prior to a meal. The course takes 30-60 days. In a month continue. 2-5 courses per year.

Applied for rubbing in case of cold, ache, rheumatism, joints ache, hemorrhoids.