Cedar resin in cedar oil

Each drop contains life-giving force of Siberian taiga

Cedar resin (cedar gum) is a unique product which strength and spectrum of influence upon a human organism is difficult to overestimate. It is especially effective when it is necessary to  recreate after disease, injury, operation.

Cedar oil is one of the most powerful natural remedies: it normalizes metabolism, strengthens immunity, it is a good antioxidant; it is used as an abluent, wound healing and regenerating preparation.

As a result of mixing of cedar resin and cedar oil the balsams of different concentrations are obtained with stronger medicinal effect than each its component separatly.

From the earliest times it is known that cedar resin in cedar oil has a complex health-improving, antiseptic, anesthetic, vessel-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, healing and deodorizing effect.

When used as a cosmetic preparation cedar resin (especially dissolved in cedar oil) prevents skin water loss and strengthens natural lipid barrier. Cedar resin restores the function of cell-cell interaction and intensifies metabolism.


Complex cedar resin in cedar oil internal and external use is recommended for the maximum effect.

We produce 2,5%, 5%, 12,5 %, 20%, 25%, 50% cedar resin in cedar oil:

2,5% cedar resin is recommended for eye and nose mucous membrane care, to remove eyelids edema;

5% cedar resin is recommended in case of acute respiratory disease, quinsy, sinusitis etc.;

12,5 % cedar resin is recommended for «Siberian abluation»;        

20-25% cedar resin is recommended for treatment of joints, mastitis, myositis, polyarthritis, herpes, haemorrhoids, eczema, fungus diseases;

50% cedar resin is recommended in case of trophiń ulcer, for production of medicative creams, balsams, ointments and oils.

With cedar resin in cedar oil you will strengthen your immunity and regenerate your vital force.