Line of RESIN cosmetic oils

RESIN cosmetic oils are effective cosmetic and massage remedies for face and body care. They contain only natural components: cedar resin having unique bactericidal, anesthetic and healing effect; natural oils nourishing, moistening tissues and having regenerating effect.

Oil extracts of medicinal plants have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, stypsis and antipyretic effect. Peach kernel oil stimulates metabolism, nourishes skin, smoothes out small wrinkles, prevents appearing of new wrinkles, makes the skin soft, flexible, velvet, repairs hydrobalance.  Peach kernel oil effectively relieves irritations, removes desquamation.

To produce the remedy with healing effect such bioactive substances as propolis and mummy are added to the cosmetic oils. Mummy normalizes metabolic processes in skin, restores its flexibility and healthy color. Propolis has a unique antimicrobial and healing effect. It facilitates restoration, preservation and normal functioning of cells and tissues. Propolis facilitates immunity strengthening, prevents pathogenic bacteria and viruses development. Oils with propolis and mummy effectively heal wounds and rhagades, remove inflammation, asperity, rejuvenate the skin of hands, feet and body.

RESIN oils effectively soften face and body skin, protect it from negative environmental factors and water loss, remove asperity and prevent appearing of wrinkles.

The line of RESIN cosmetic oils is effectively applied not only in cosmetics but also for massage and complex health improvement.

Using of CEDAR oil

Application: to apply on body and face by light massage movements to full absorption.